About us!

Welcome to Crown Kits, a fresh new way to experience home cosmetic improvement. Changing the way this market has been reluctant to improve its ways. Crown kits allows for a new outlook on pricing, delivery and install.

  • No more per-foot charge for installation
  • No more cutting raw materials in the front yard, lane way or even garages
  • No more 5 days installs and messy cumbersome situations that change your weekly routines
  • No more waiting

Pricing – Delivery – Quality installation


All of Crown Kits installs come with a set room-rate system, starting with our special offers at $149 per room, cutting the cost of old standard pricing by 50% to add more value to customers’ homes.


Upon visit, a Crown Kits specialist will help you get the right Crown kit and measure any desired-room with precision, finalizing a quote and delivery time convenient for you.

Quality installation

All of our kits are cut in our specialized shop, ensuring quality cuts and packaging. Crown Kits products can be installed by our specialists or be self-installed. The key to Crown Kits products is efficiency and quality making it fun and rewarding to make your house beautiful.

I would love to hear from you!


JM Goddard
Crown Kits President 


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